OMFG! Australia might suck at sport!

“The Federal Government has been warned that Australia will slip out of the world’s top five Olympic nations if sports funding is not drastically increased.” — John Coates, president of the AOC, via the ABC.

I’m not sure I see a problem with this scenario.

3 responses to “OMFG! Australia might suck at sport!

  1. Ha!

    I bet he probably has about as much trouble seeing it as Brendan Nelson did this morning when he sobbed that Australians might all leave private health insurance behind.

  2. I think you’re bound to find more kids overweight and our nation of fast-food eaters on the increase.

    Sports success actually drives kids to take up sport. It does actually have some excellent social benefits for society as a whole.

    Stop being so near sighted. 😛

    • Spending money on a small group of elite athletes to get kids to become fit? Rubbish. If you want kids to get fit, you give them proper fitness education, not this bullshit about “sporting heroes”. Sorry Matt, I simply don’t buy it. Spending money on athletes is nothing but funding them for their future careers making shitloads via advertising or in a media career. It should end now.

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