Monthly Archives: February 2008

Australia: too bloody hot for business attire.

From the ABC:

“The Senate’s bid to cut energy use has caused some members of the Upper House to complain that they are too hot.”

Maybe, just maybe, dear Senators, it’s time to do away with your suits and ties? The same would go for all workplaces in Australia: dump the suits and turn down your AC a notch.

It was about 33 today in Melbourne, certainly nowhere near as hot as it can get, but there wasn’t much wind about and it resulted in the area’s tribe of overweight Collins St businessmen, who strut between buildings trying to appear important, looking quite sweaty and uncomfortable in their ties and jackets. Seriously, is a t-shirt a worse look than sweaty-suit-guy?

Australian society has thrown off virtually every one of its other Victorian-era hang-ups. Why do people persist with this? Surely, at some point, if people really want to get serious about reducing carbon emissions, it’s time to realise that having to drastically cool the air around you because you’re wearing several more layers than you really need to, is a pretty silly thing to do…

Spare your roaches!

Apparently those of us in Victoria need no longer be ashamed that our houses are full of shiny black cockroaches.