Not praying for rain.

“We should all pray for rain”, says Prime Minister John Howard.

How can anyone take seriously a man who believes in a being that, apparently, is so childish that it withholds rain until we appeal to its conscience?

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  1. Yeah sorry, it’s my fault we aren’t getting any rain. And I’m going to withhold my prayers until I get a ransom of 1 million … I mean, 100 billion dollars! Muhahahahahahaha!

    • I was shocked to read your opinion about God. I know that it was a while ago, but I felt like saying something. I realy hope that you have changed your mind by now. I come from another country and I could not believe that so many Australians deny the existance of God. That is your answer if you wondered why Australia is not blessed with enough rain. You should take at heart what Russel wrote. If you stand in front of God one day, you can not claim that you didn’t know, anymore. You’ve been informed. Russel has done his part as a Christian.

  2. Blasphemy!

    I’ve been praying that our Lord and Master, the Flying Spaghetti Monster will use His Noodly Appendage to loosen up some of our clouds and was rewarded with some rain this afternoon.

    He clearly works in mysterious ways.

    Anyway, I proved long ago that prayer cannot work. Howard’s being a populist dick.

  3. You gotta admit, it looks like it worked – just ask any Novocastrian.

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