Dear NSW Catholic MPs.

Please keep in mind that you were not put into office by George Pell.

Oh, and ex-communication should be worn as a badge of honour.

One response to “Dear NSW Catholic MPs.

  1. Excommunication is not a badge of honour, it’s only an indication that the PowersThetBe despise you.

    Better to be like the Anabaptists, who had even reformers like Calvin, Luther and Zwingli actively working for death penalties against people reading the Anabaptist’s writings. How did they do this? Not by yelling “you’re wrong” in the Catholic political face, but simply by quietly telling the truth they found, and practicing it privately themselves.

    This reminds me of FOSS. Nothing nasty, yet corporations rant against it, particularly Pope Bluescreen. No massive marketing budgets, yet a corporate death penalty for reading their writings. For what? Telling and living the truth: the software can indeed be well written by the unlicenced and unmonied.

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