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Could someone explain to me why I would pay $29.67 + shipping for a CD (unless I buy a second item at the same time), when it’s highly likely that I can buy the same CD for $24 at JB Hifi next time I pass their store?

I thought the idea of buying online was that it was meant to be cheaper, because the stores were able to do without all the shopfront staff, and could streamline all their warehouse operations. Without a significant monetary saving, internet purchases have little benefit.

They certainly aren’t more convenient – you either have to coordinate your movements to be sure that you’re home when a courier arrives or risk having to visit a post-office during business hours (and it’s amazing how difficult that is, if you work 9-6); there is generally a few weeks lead time (add that to the books getting lost in transit, as happened to me with Amazon when I was in Amsterdam)… and then, there’s always the issue of wondering just how they store your credit card number.

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  1. Totally agree, Paul.

    Although, most of what I’m trying to chase down now is sadly deleted.

    Books the same. Drives me nuts.

    It’s lucky I work in the city, isn’t it?

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