The Mad Monk wants a return of corporal punishment

Just when you think the federal government is incapable of dragging Australia any further back in time, one of the luddite ministers whips out the time machine and cranks it back to 1940.

This time, it’s Catholic supremo Tony Abbott, who continually attempts to guilt trip us over not giving a toss about religion – and then demonstrates once again that he probably didn’t take in much from reading that New Testament thingo which is apparently fairly central to it all.

Good ol’ Tone wants a return of corporal punishment in schools:

“I mean, we’ve taken corporal punishment out of the schools because we think that’s brutal and yet our playgrounds seem to be becoming more brutal than ever,” the minister told the Nine Network.

Yep, you read it right. We’re sick of kids beating each other up. Let’s stop them from doing it … by giving them a good, hard thumping. Yeah, that’ll teach ’em what’s acceptable in society.

It’s quite intriguing that the conservatives in government would be pushing this line, right now. They’ve spent the last couple of years arguing that public education in Australia has a skewed curriculum, and they’re very suspicious of what teachers here might be telling their children – and yet, this guy is openly canvassing handing the same people a licence to hit the kids?

Surely, even if they’re in favour of disciplining their own children in this way, they wouldn’t want someone else to be doing it?

Elsewhere, Suz at Lavartus Prodeo asks if Abbott is trying to get the Education Minister’s job. Oh, I can see it now … compulsory religion classes.

One response to “The Mad Monk wants a return of corporal punishment

  1. Considering private schools get a disgraceful 69%25 of all government funding, I’m hardly surprised that the ministers are that out of touch.

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