It is time to resign, Kevin Andrews.

It is time, Kevin. The alternatives are fairly clear: either a terrorist has been let out into your hastily invented “home detention”, instead of the customary way in which they are treated, or you have put an innocent man through hell in an attempt to save your government’s political life. Australia’s reputation as a fair country is now completely in tatters and I am disgusted by your conduct.

No more of this no-apology, no-resignation nonsense that we have come to expect from the other weasels in your government. You have continually reminded us of your Christian beliefs. Prove it. What would Jesus do, if he wasn’t a work of fiction?

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  2. Dr Mike Furtado

    No Christian would endorse the filth and dross that Andrews spews! Unfortunately his crass hypocrisy aided by the silence of several Catholics and Anglicans in Howard’s cabinet gives the Church a reputation it does not deserve. His real supporters are the Hansonites, whose voting preferences he is undoubtedly charged with securing. In this disgraceful matter Kevin Rudd and Labor are quietly compliant as Howard has yet again wedged them into silence. The real victims are the Sudanese, who despite their refugee trauma are like most of the rest of us manifestly law-abiding citizens who enrich our culture and draw out the best in our host community. I have seen all this happen before in the UK, where a Tory grandee called Sir Cyril Osbourne would regularly trot out statistics relating to TB and leprosy on each occasion that the government accounted for immigration fugures. This gave rise to the spectre of Powellism, which despite the damage that it did turned in on its itself and exposed Powell to be as mad as a cut snake. My concern however is for the hurt that these people are feeling and the extent to which Andrews’ disgusting and treasonable policy plays into the hands of maniacs who single out the Sudanese to bully as the Nazis did the Jews. I urge my colleagues to join me in calling for Andrews’s immediate resignation. If many of us speak for decency we can at least salvage the reputation of much that is good and decent about Australia rather than for it to be sacrificed for the electoral benefit of this shameless racist opportunist.

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