The debate…

I’m not generally one for watching political debates, because it seems fairly pointless to assess one’s voting intention upon an hour and half of two right-wing politicians answering questions from journalists who can’t ask anything difficult for fear of confusing Channel Nine’s audience, and of being black-banned in the future.

That said, I had nothing else to do at the time… and I noticed two things: one, the (apparently censored) worm dipped noticably every time Peter Costello’s name was mentioned; and secondly, Howard was clearly away with the fairies in his closing speech – teaching conservative-centric history in schools? Does he really think the Australian population cares about the Liberal Party’s Culture Wars?

One response to “The debate…

  1. Apparently Kevin Rudd was disappointing. There was some sort of bingo card (kinda like bullsh!t bingo) full of Ruddisms doing the rounds, and Rudd didn’t utter enough of them to make the game exciting. Thankfully I was eating dinner throughout the whole thing, otherwise I might have gone to sleep.

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