Upper-class welfare

First, John Howard says:

“I want to complete the transition of this nation from a welfare state to an opportunity society”

…and then, in the same speech he offers non-means tested education rebates that cover not only tuition fees at private schools, but useless items like uniforms and school camps.

How is this not welfare? Or is it only welfare when you give it to low-income earners?

2 responses to “Upper-class welfare

  1. He also hates welfare, except when it comes to Aboriginal NTers, where he hates them having jobs that help the community, so takes the jobs off them and puts them back on welfare so he can quarantine their income.

  2. Putting aside the upper class welfare issue for a moment, isn’t it ironic that a party who traded in economic rationalism and mutual obligation throughout the early nineties insists on propping up an unprofitable sector? That sector being private schools. Very bad economics.

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