Annoying voters by phone-spamming.

The Liberal Party was roundly criticised in 2004 for phone-spamming voters with recorded messages from John Howard, and rightly so. It’s bad enough that telemarketers exist and that politicians have granted themselves an exemption to the do-not-call register laws, but to call someone and play a canned message at them is the height of rudeness.

Unfortunately, it appears that the Labor Party haven’t learnt anything from that exercise and are now doing it too. They claim they’re adhering to the do-not-call register, even though legally they don’t need to, but I wonder how long that will last when the election is finally called.

I recommend that anyone who gets one of these calls complain to the party concerned, and newspapers, in writing. This sort of campaigning should be stamped out before an advertising arms-race causes it to be an essential feature of elections.

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